Attracting the right talent is easy when you're on top of your
company culture & employee regnition.

300 Resumes

Received for one job ad &
countless emails from

13 hours

Recruiters spend ⅓ of their
work week manually sourcing
candidates for a single job ad.


Job sites & staffing agencies
monopolize the system forcing
companies to spend a lot of money.

Technology has advanced; Recruitment has not

Most companies still use
a post-world war II approach

  • Job descriptions that look like all their competitors.
  • Hiring staffing agencies who use the same job sites as HR, reach out to the same candidates, and charge a high premium for the introduction.
  • Posting job ads on job sites which doesn't guarantee quality candidate applications.
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A job description is not enough to attract & recruit top talent

  • 77%

    Would consider a company’s culture before applying for a job.

  • 79%

    Would consider a company’s mission & purpose before applying.

  • 73%

    Would not apply to a company unless its values aligned with their own personal values.

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Our Solution

All-in-one web app for company hiring teams

  • Match to candidates directly with geolocation enabled.
  • Automated Candidate Pipeline.
  • Automated Message Pipeline.
  • Use Filters to get precise candidate matching.
  • Share photos of company achievements & team culture: “Team Building”.
  • Match to international talent, H1B1 Visa Holders, PR Holders and more.
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Save money with new hires

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